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So you have found it.  The ultimate information site on all things Adult.  Whether you are gay or lesbian, a Bondage Master or Slave or just a couple in a fizzling relationship you can never know enough about sex.  At Adult All we give you all the sexual terms, slang and definitions in comprehensive glossaries the will allow you to learn and perhaps use them in your everyday lives.

Sex if fun and it is good and is a healthy lifestyle choice.  Did you know that a Netherlands study found that persons participating in BDSM are more likely to be happier than average as they are living out their fantasies that allow them to have a clearer mind and body.  You will be amazed and in many instances humored by the double meaning of words that you would not have thought possible.  Sit back, take your time and flick through some of the glossaries – the minutes you thought you would look will quickly turn into hours.


Healthy Life Style

We also have a page of reviews of the sites we think are pretty awesome.  Check them out if you have time.  Many are resource sites for other adult topics like penis enlargement, BDSM, sex toys and more. 

What Benefit Is There in Knowing More About Sex

Know More About Sex | Sex Benefit Knowledge

All Adult Sex Benefits | Sex Benefits For Adults All


Individuals relate an empowering way of life with things that are not generally the most fun, like exhausting workouts or skipping that cake. The same number of the healthiest activities can be among the most beneficial. Take sex. It uses extreme physical activity in addition to it boosts various parts of both physical and psychological wellness. The more you participate in safe-sex works and the more sexual action you have is a surefire method to better health and wellbeing!

The benefits of knowing more about sex and actively participating in the activity cannot be understated and some of these include -


Enhanced Immunity

Individuals who engage in sexual relations regularly – meaning more than once a week - have altogether more elevated amounts of immunoglobulin An (IgA).1 Your IgA resistant framework is your body's first line of resistance. Its employment is to battle off attacking organic entities wherever they enter, lessening the requirement for actuation of your body's resistant framework. This may clarify why individuals who engage in sexual relations much of the time additionally take less days off work.


Heart Health

Men who had intercourse routinely – more than once per week - were 45 percent more averse to create coronary illness than the individuals who did once per month or less.  Sexual movement not just gives a number of the same advantages to your heart as activity additionally keeps levels of estrogen and testosterone flowing which is critical for heart wellbeing.


Lower Blood Pressure

Sexual movement, and particularly intercourse, is connected to better stress levels and lower blood pressure.


It's a Form of Exercise

Sex serves to boost your heart rate, blaze calories and fortify muscles, much the same as any other physical activity. Sex will burn 4 calories a minute for men and 3 calories for women that puts it in the higher cardio range of physical activities.  So the more you have sex the fitter you can become.


Muscular Relief

Sexual movement released endorphins and other relaxing hormones and has been found to help lessen the pain from back injuries and from menstrual issues, joint pain and migraines.


May Help Reduce Risk of Prostate Cancer

Studies have shown that men who ejaculate no less than 21 times each month – even by masturbation - have a lower danger of prostate cancer.So a healthy prostate is associated with a healthy sex life.


Enhance Sleep

After sex, the relaxing hormone prolactin is discharged, which may help you to fall asleep. The "affection hormone" oxytocin, discharged amid climax, additionally advances sleep.   So if you suffer from insomnia more sex may be the answer.


Stress Relief

Sex triggers your body to release hormones that give an effect similar to opiates, serving to eliminate stress and boost delight and self-esteem. Research likewise demonstrates that the individuals who have sex regularly reacted better when subjected to stressful circumstances.


Boost Your Libido

The more you have intercourse, the more probable you are to need to continue doing it. There's a mental association there additionally as a physical one, especially for ladies. More continuous sex serves to increase vaginal lubrication, blood flow and elasticity.


Benefits of Knowing About Sex

Enhanced Bladder Control in Women

Intercourse serves to reinforce your pelvic floor muscles, which contract amid climax. This can help ladies to enhance their bladder control and evade incontinence. You can boost this advantage considerably all the more by usingKegelballs or doing kegel exercises amid sex.


Expand Intimacy and Improve Your Relationship

Sex and climaxes bring about expanded levels of the hormone oxytocin - the "love" hormone - that helps you feel closer to your lover, and better experience empathic associations.

Reasons to Have A Better Sex Life

All Adult Better Sex  | Have Better All Adult Sex

Reason To Have All Adult Sex | Better All Adult Sex Life


Picture this: It's Tuesday night and you just returned home from work after dealing with your insane supervisor and a 2-minute drive. You toss on your sweats, and head to the kitchen to see what your partner is cooking (he looks totally drained as well). At that point its supper, TV and - what do you know - time to brush your teeth and get prepared for bed. Not precisely foreplay, unless your concept of getting sexed up incorporates spitting into the same sink. Be that as it may, here's the thing: Failing to get over to the love or the I-have-a-migraine obstacle can hurt your relationship - and your sexual health and wellbeing. Here are some astonishing advantages of sex that will have you getting your sex-life back on track.

You'll feel happier and more fulfilled as Married individuals –did you know that married couples have sex more than 30% more than singles.  It can also cheer you up with combined wages meaning that you have double the income but shared expenses. The way it works is the more sex you have, the more content you'll be, and that joy is the thing that makes you content with what you've got as opposed to longing for a BMW.



You'll get rid of a lot of sick days.  Sex a couple of times a week boosts levels of immunoglobulin An (IgA), which is the thing that helps avert icy and influenza infections, among others. Specialists at Wilkes University found that out of 111 members ages 16 to 23, the individuals who engaged in sexual relations more than once per week demonstrated a 30-percent expansion in their IgA levels, giving them more insurance from getting debilitated. Simply something to consider when you take your vitamins each morning and pack that hand-sanitizer in your tote.   Those are not effective as good old sex.

You'll be more satisfied in your lot in life.  This sounds a touch weird however semen may really be beneficial for you. Your gentleman's magic is stacked with supplements like zinc, calcium, protein, and that's just the beginning, which the vagina absorbs these goodies amid sex. There is also verification that climaxes make both men and ladies feel less stressed and by and large more content.

You'll sleep better after you have a climax, your body delivers a hormone called oxytocin, making you feel warm and fuzzy everywhere. You likewise discharge endorphins, nature's narcotic, which clarifies why you feel so casual and relaxed in the wake of getting it on. The blend of these chemicals surging through your body is sufficient to make you crash in a noteworthy manner, and this is particularly valid for men. So don't be irritated if your fellow isn't up for 60 minutes of post-sex snuggling. That move you simply did was just the same as giving him a Zoloft.

You'll look more youthful so if you're burning through your purse for skin creams, you may need to reevaluate your method. Sex can really make ladies look up to 12 years more youthful than their actual age. Scotland's Royal Edinburgh Hospital study went like this: Analysts looked through a restricted reflect and assessed the times of ladies on the other side. The ladies were the same age but the ladies who were seen as being "super-youthful" happened to be having intercourse up four times each week . What's more, it’s not an accident: Sex has been demonstrated to boost estrogen levels, a key hormone for smooth skin and gleaming hair.  So quit stressing out about that new wrinkle growing on your brow and jump in the sack for your cosmetic sexual treatment.

You'll have a healthier heart and it's the news fellows all around have been sitting tight for: Giving penis massages may very well spare ladies' lives. Dutch people believe that ladies who gulped semen amid oral sex had a lower danger of preeclampsia, a state of hypertension that can be brought on by pregnancy. Yes, truly. Likewise, a British study distributed in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health demonstrated that having intercourse at any rate twice per week or more could reduce a man's possibilities of a deadly heart attack by up to 50%as opposed to men who just got it on once per month or less.


About Better Sex

You'll feel all the more in love as the oxytocin that is discharged amid climax doesn't simply boost your mind-set, it additionally makes you feel closer to your lover. The hormone, especially for ladies, has a holding impact, which has a tendency to decipher into numerous different regions of the relationship Also, it isn't simply sex. Basic touching or coy foreplay can likewise trigger an increment in your levels of oxytocin, actually making a synthetic sentiment and a feeling of common connection. So regardless of the possibility that you're not in the mind-set for full-on activity, invest some energy trading erotic massages or simply getting home together and snuggling on the sofa.

You'll get in shape as thirty minutes of sex can smolder around 85 calories and a more vigorous and thorough sex session can burn up to 200 calories.  Most sex positions oblige a certain level of adaptability - your legs aren't going to simply and mysteriously arrive on his shoulders - while others work your stomach muscle, thigh, or arm muscles. Indeed, even the basic missionary position can help condition those biceps.

So what are you waiting for?  Sex is healthy and it is healthy to have sex information from Adult All.

Most Common Questions Asked About Sex

All Adult Sex Questions |  Most Common Asked Sex Questions

Sex Questions Adult All | Favourite All Adult Sex Questions


Have you ever wondered what the most common questions asked about sex were.  What people commonly asked their sex therapist of doctors?  Well here are according to WebMD and the Mayo Clinic the 8 Most Common Questions Asked About Sex.


1. Am I Normal?

Individuals need to realize that their drives, reactions, dreams, or bodies aren't by one means or another strange — likely in light of the fact that a number of us adapted as children that sex is filthy and our substantial needs shouldn't be examined. As grown-ups, we pine for confirmation that we're OK. The answer is yes — obviously you're OK! The length of your sexual coexistence isn't hurting anybody and you're safe, there's no motivation to be worried about the state of your cravings, or your private parts. "Typical" envelops a wide scope of practices and bodies. You don't need to feel humiliated or embarrassed about uninhibitedly appreciating and investigating your sexuality. An initial phase in loosening of those hindrances is grasping this more extensive meaning of "ordinary."

In some cases it is a sense that the implicit inquiry is truly "My sexual coexistence is unfulfilling; is that typical?" It's surely normal, and a miserable reality for some. This is accepted on account that most ladies don't know how to request what they need in the bed-room.  Some aren't even certain what they need. Tolerating yourself as ordinary, with a privilege to an uninhibited sexual self, will get you moving toward the sexual coexistence you had always wanted.


2. How Often Do Most People Have Sex?

The trepidation: that others out there are having way more sex than you are. Relax an examination has demonstrated that most married couples engage in sexual relations one to two times a week, except when ailment, pregnancy, travel, or a noteworthy issue like stress and depression. For new couples, sex happens all the more regularly, however the recurrence slowly diminishes.


3. How Do I Tell My Husband What I Need in Bed?

Your husband isn't a fortune teller, so you need to talk up and be clear about what you need. Be fair, however not accusatory. You may say something like, "I adore engaging in sexual relations with you and I need it to be the best it can be. That is the reason I need to..." ("Attempt another position," "have you touch me there," "take as much time as required" — whatever you require). Then again attempt to edge your request as a compliment. In the event that you'd like more foreplay, for instance, you may say, "Husband, I was so turned on the previous evening; I adore it when you take time as required with me before sex. It indicates the amount you think about my pleasure, and it felt astounding." Your husband will be putting forth more foreplay than you can deal with!

Now and again you don't need to say anything by any means; you can direct him by tenderly lifting your hips or moving your body in a manner that works for you. You can likewise groan or coo to give him included data so he knows when he's doing something you appreciate. Keep in mind that your husband needs to make you content in bed, and he needs to be given direction — women’s bodies are a riddle to men, and any guideposts along the way are increased in value.


4. I've Lost My Sex Drive! Why?

Absence of libido is a typical issue as ladies get older and experienced, the hormonal changes of menopause, however it can happen at any age. Fluctuating hormone levels can contribute (per menopause can start at age 35), however so can stress at home or at work, medications, poor physical wellness, and absence of sleep. Should you have lost enthusiasm for sex, first check the physical components. Visit your specialist for a general checkup and tests that will distinguish changing hormone levels. Consider whether low libido may be a symptom of another drug, and verify that you're sufficiently getting sleep, working out, and eating well.


About Sex Life

Watch your stress level: If your day by day schedule is overpowering, don't be a saint; get help. Purchase, don't heat, treat’s for the school; tell your manager that you require more help on a job. In the event that cash misfortunes make you nervous, set a family session with a budgetary guide. If you need professional help with your stress don’t delay to see and trust in an advisor or your priest. At last, require some investment for the delights that can reconnect you with your internal lady: a hot shower, a spa day, time with companions, night out on the town with your husband.


5. My Husband (Or I) Cheated. How Do We Get Past It?

It is conceivable to repair after such a catastrophic event but the cheater must remove all correspondence with the person they had the affair with and make it clear that he or she is recommitting to the marriage. The unfaithful life partner ought to be 100 percent legit about the undertaking. Counselling is essential; a couples' guide can help you discover and accept what prompted the treachery and how to remake the relationship. Outside of the treatment sessions, the harmed party ought to get the opportunity to vent, tirade, or sob for as long as they want a day, and the unfaithful mate must listen and acknowledge the hurt he or she has brought about. Restricting these venting sessions to 10 or so minutes a day will stop consistent quarreling over the subject and permits a short time to concentrate on it.  This  procedure has been known to work in less than a six-month period: The more the injured companions permit themselves to feel and express their hurt, the more they feel accepted and listened, the lighter the weight gets to be, and proceeding onward appears to be conceivable.


6. How Do I Tell My Partner About My Fantasies?

Offering dreams to your accomplice can be scary, particularly when you've never done it. Streamline the procedure by making a "dream record" and keeping it in your room. You and your husband can each record a few dreams on particular pieces of paper, and stick them in abox.  At whatever point things get dull in the bed-room, haul out a dream document and act it out.  This system works effectively and whether your dream is having Princess Leia hair buns or wearing a Zorro cape to satisfy your partnerit will live out your lover’s fantasies! The more you consent to play around and investigating new things, you'll be astonished at how much your sexual coexistence can take advantage.


7. How Do We Make Time for Sex?

It's not remarkable for busy couples to pass up a major opportunity for sex in light of the fact that they're overbooked, or overburdened, or overtired, or the all of the above. In any case, it’s key that you give time to your marriage, regardless of how occupied you are. Your marriage is the foundation of your family, and merits your consideration. Try not to sit tight with the expectation of complimentary time to wonderfully show up; make it. Compose your week by week night out in stone, and break it just for crises. Begin saying "no" all the more frequently to demands for your time, from humanitarian effort to family get-togethers. Leave housecleaning or clothing for a blustery day — better to have a heap of filthy socks than a rough marriage. Make your relationship and your sexual coexistence a need. In the event that you don't timetable time together, it just won't happen.

8. We're Stuck in a Sexual Rut. How Do We Rev Things Up?


Long haul couples frequently find that their sexual experiences turn a touch exhausting. That can easily change — however you need to work to keep things energizing and new. Little modifications in routine can have huge settlements. Start sex during a period that is different for you — say, when he strolls in the entryway from work. Present another move in the room. On the other hand simply give your life partner a long, enthusiastic kiss when he doesn’t expect it. Bring being a tease again into the mathematical equation: Send provocative messages or messages for the duration of the day to get one another going. Express appreciation to your lover five times each day, and watch what amount more you begin admiring your life together. Imagine you're beaus having a mystery meeting; book a night at a nearby hotel. Take a stab at engaging in sexual relations some place new and suggestive, maybe the kitchen counter. It's OK you feel a bit reluctant at first. You'll see that the more you add perkiness to your relationship, the more regular it will feel — and the better your sexual coexistence will be.